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Instant Water Heaters Products

Each of the new and advanced instantaneous water heater models combine a heating element through which hot water is produced on demand. Other units that provide hot water take time to heat to the preferred temperature required thus wasting water and energy.

If you are facing any problem with your current hot water system, the Redring instantaneous water heater units can easily be installed.

With economy settings, our Powerstream 3 Phase Plus instantaneous water heater range is ideal for supplying high volumes of water for many applications, as long as there is a 3-phase 415V supply available – which eliminates the need for centrally stored hot water cylinders and saves on electricity usage and space.

Why choose a Redring instantaneous water heater?

  1. The devices are attractive and look appealing. Products are designed and produced by Redring to blend into their surroundings without looking out of place.
  2. The Redring instantaneous water heater systems are not expensive and are readily available on the market.
  3. All Redring products come with a good warranty.
  4. All instantaneous water heater units utilise a heating element which delivers hot water to the required temperature on demand – eliminating the need for storage tanks and other equipment.
  5. By eliminating the need for water storage tanks there are no standing heat losses incurred saving both energy and money.
  6. You can easily get the heated water at your required temperature every single time the instantaneous water heater is used – no need to wait for water to heat up after multiple uses.
  7. You can connect the heater to other existing systems allowing you to get the heated water wherever you want in the property.
  8. The system has built in safety features such as thermal cut-out protection to ensure that the user is protected from any harm.
Instant Water HeatersInstant Water Heaters Instant Water Heaters Instant Water Heaters

Click on the read more to download the product specificationsPDF

Click on the read more to download the product specificationsPDF

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